Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

May 26, 2015

Via Ferrata Galugg

Well, we just made a speedy trip to Zermatt and back during a few days of rain in order to get some mail we had sent to a friend.   On the way back it was almost sunny, and we stopped in the village of Zams to stretch our legs and do a quick Via Ferrata.  This one was short but steep...180 meters high starting almost right out of the parking lot.  Did I mention it was just a few seconds off the main highway as well?  Very nice to pass through without adding a lot more driving to our day.

Kettersteig Galugg (I love that name) is rated a C (on an A-Easy to E-Extremely Hard Scale).  Considering there were more than a few sections where I was literally hauling myself (and my paragliding pack) straight up the cables with few holds, it deserved every bit of a C rating.  It also makes me wonder what and E rating would look like.   I need to find that out as there is a Via Ferrata on the X-Alps route which could be much harder and longer than this one.

Anyway, this was quick and easy (or at least short), taking just over an hour to make the round and get us back on the road.  While there are plenty of routes that could consume a whole day and finish on a beautiful mountaintop, sometimes it's nice to do a tiny one, too.

Here's a website with all sorts of these routes, with maps and photos and everything:

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