Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

May 4, 2015

A Nice View of the Wasatch Mountains

Jim flying over Alpine on the way to the North Side
Spring flying in the Wasatch has been pretty good this year.   We are trying to sandwich some paragliding amid last minute packing, house guests, and all the details associated with leaving our house for the summer while we train in Europe for the Red Bull X-Alps.   But last week I was able to fly XC three days in a row, from 3 different launches!   The "V", Grandeur, and Inspo all turned out to be good for the day, and twice I was able to fly home and land in a park near my house.  I really like closing the circle like that in both my workouts and my flights.  There is nothing like being able to walk back to the house and save a long retrieve!

Grandeur is a hike up site, which I did alone.  It was my first time at that site, so it was good practice for me to simulate flying in the X-Alps.   Soon we will be heading to the Alps to do a lot more of that, but it was fun to make my way alone along the mountains, finally arriving super high over my house...I could see Jim moving around in the backyard!    

He came with me the next day to Inspo along with a few other friends, and we were able to fly together all the way home again, getting to 12,500 feet over the mountains (it was COLD).   

Jim trying out his Ozone Ozium for the first time at South Side

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