Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

May 30, 2015

7 Flights in 3 Days!

Finally, a view of the mountains
I think I can say that the weather has taken a turn for the better.  I still haven't flown very far, but I have gotten a very good close up look at the terrain between Turnpoints 3 (Kampenwand) and 4 (Zugspitze) for the Red Bull X-Alps 2015!  In fact I was able to top land a couple of times, hike up a few times, and get a ride up to launch in other places.

Team USA4, Dave Turner and his supporters Eric and Krisha have been keeping pace with us for a few days, so we teamed up for a few flights to go further.  Or so we hoped!  Actually Eric and Krisha ended up having better flights after waiting out some rain.

Dave Turner drops in during a windy hiking day

I am starting to feel a lot more prepared for the race with all of this reconnaissance.    I am definitely learning to give directions better... "I'm on top of that hill with the cross!"  Oh, wait, all of the hill tops have crossed on them here...  "I've landed by the 3rd bend in the road".  Oh wait...that's only obvious from the air.

Anyway, Jim has been waiting for me in the LZ of 4 flights in the last couple of days.  Pretty good considering I didn't even know where I was going to land a couple of times!

It's the hill with the cross...wait...all the hills have crossed on them.
Team USA3 and USA4 launch together

Finally, a hike up to a beautiful wild launch!

Where to land...?
A calm morning, looking good for flying!
A cold stream is great for tired feet

Dave and I looking at X-Alps Section 4 in front of the Zugspitze

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