Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

May 13, 2015

A Germany Volksmarch Weekend

Cherry dessert, a 10k walk, and a bratwurst.    That's what we did both days this weekend in the middle of our whirlwind tour through Germany.   After landing in Munich, we needed to work our way up to Dusseldorf to pick up our motorhome, which will be our castle during race preparation and the Red Bull X-Alps.

Since I was in Germany, I took the opportunity to introduce Jim to my favorite activity when I lived here:  Volksmarching!   Wow, this really brings me back to in the past.   I used to do this every weekend the 3 years I lived here. and never got tired of it.  Basically a volksmarch is a walk around the German countryside, any distance from 5 kilometers up to 50 km.

On our way up to Dusseldorf, we stopped through Landstuhl, where I lived starting back in 2005.   We ate the best Doner Kebabs in Germany for lunch on our way through, and even though the New York Doner Kebab store had moved across the street, it was still the same kebab!

We also drove up the Rhein river and enjoyed all the castles, touring Burg Rheinfels and enjoying a sunny day along the river.

After picking up the motorhome (small but cozy) we started heading back to the Alps, stopping for a couple of volksmarches along the way.  One was near Bingen, and the other one, Stuttgart.   I worked seamlessly back into my habit of cherry dessert before the walk, and a bratwurst after :)   We had great weather for both walks, and really enjoyed the snapshot of the German trails we walked through....blooming yellow fields, deep forests, and immaculately kept village houses.

Actually we kept up a really fast pace and knocked off 10k about as fast as it's possible, passing our competition like they were standing still.  I am training for the X-Alps after all!   Hah!

Burg Rheinfels
Landstuhl and my favorite Doner Kebab
In a volksmarch even the dogs get their own water bowl!
My competition in the volksmarch....just kidding!

A crowded start hall filled with bratwurst eating folks
Our volksmarch prizes, which now are our coffee mugs in the motorhome
A very cool yard along a volksmarch

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