Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

May 18, 2015

A Slugfest

Grounded.  Like the snails.

Today I am as low as I can be, walking a foggy trail up a narrow canyon and hoping it won't rain on me.  This is after two days of pretty steady rain, it's clearing now but these low clouds just won't go away.

The path is littered with snails and slugs, a tribute to the amount of rain that has fallen this spring.  Or perhaps as the signs show, this area is always filled with them.


Just kidding.  So far I've managed to avoid obliterating one of these slimy things, but considering their numbers, it's just a matter of time.  One of them even got into our electrical cord during the night and shorted out our power.   Yuk.

The scenery is always worth the walk!
Carrying my Ozone pack up the Via Ferrata
Jim brought me breakfast along the way from Saalfelden and I continued on route.   By afternoon, the clouds were lifting and finally we could see the hills.   I ditched my pack after a few hours of walking,  to run for about an hour.  I needed a change of pace!  Then met up with Jim (and my pack, again) at the bottom of a short Via Ferrata.  We did the Zahme Gams Kettersteig, here is the webpage if you are interested in trying it:  www.bergsteigen.com

This also took an hour, and although a fairly easy one (according to the book), with my pack weighing me down it felt anything but easy.

Finally by late afternoon, we could see some peaks, and I did a small hike n fly off above the town of Lofer some ways above the lift.  It was a sled ride back into town.   But a busy day by all accounts!

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