Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

April 1, 2013

Angel's Landing Trail, Zion National Park

Zion National Park.

One of my favorite places in the world, and a big reason why moving to Utah just sounded like such a great idea.    So on our whirlwind spring break tour, we had to stop in Zion.   When Rob and I were here a couple of years ago, we hiked up the creek into the Narrows, and had a blast.  Unfortunately the water was a little too cold this early in the season, but luckily there are many, many hiking options in Zion and the surrounding area.

Aidan and Nick eating lunch atop Angel's Landing
To keep our feet dry, we went up instead of down, way up.   The Angel's Landing trail started at the Virgin River, and then climbed and climbed until we reached a saddle between two slickrock hills.   From there the trail got decidedly steeper and more exposed.  At times there were even chains along the trail to help the less confident to safely reach the overlook without freezing in fear.   Rob and I had to look at each other and wonder how we had missed this hike on our prior visit, it was so amazing.  It reminded us of the via ferratas we had done in the Alps with the exposure and cable.  Not that it should deter anyone from doing this trail, it's worth it!

We ate lunch on slickrock in the warm sun, with 360 degree views of the amazing scenery that is the Zion Valley.

The descent was quick as by now we had all found more confidence in our footing and had gotten used to the exposure factor.  It was a beautiful afternoon, and we extended the hike by including a walk over to the Emerald Pools, just down the river a little from our trailhead.

The pools weren't really emerald.  At all.  So not sure how they got their name.  Granted, it was late afternoon and the sun wasn't hitting the water anymore...but it was still a nice end to the hike.   Above the upper pool, Randy showed us where he had done a 500 foot rappel down from Heaps Canyon, a very technical slot canyon in the upper reaches of Zion.    I started getting ideas of what to do on future visits...although I need a little bit more training first!

We had taken the shuttle in from our campground as cars are controlled inside the park.   I decided to run back instead, and had a lovely downhill jog along the canyon floor.   Bonus, I even beat the rest of the family home, as their wait for a crowded shuttle took a little while.  Score!

Randy slides through a small slot beside the trail

Lara and Aidan enjoying the sunshine!

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