Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

April 9, 2013

Corona Arch, Moab, Utah

Our last day of Spring Break, and what a streak of great weather we had!  Nary a drop of rain, and mostly wandering around in shorts and t-shirts all week.  In fact I had packed for much colder weather, so I ended up weather the same shorts and t-shirts over again.  That's cool when you're camping, right?

Last on the menu for our discoveries was Corona Arch, which has achieved some notoriety lately because of people jumping off the top of the 165 ft. arch and than swinging on a static rope.  Sort of like bungee jumping without a bungee.   There was a group set up to do just that when we visited, so we got to see the jumpers up close and personal.   I must say that it looked a bit sketchy to me...more appealing was the set of rappel ropes on the other side of the arch.   What a rappel that would be!

Our climbing gear was in the RV, but we gingerly climbed up to the top of the arch anyway, helpfully using a hand rope that one of the groups had set up.  I must admit my legs were a bit jelly-like sitting on the Arch.  It was safe enough to be up there but it took a while to convince my mind of that fact.  In fact I didn't really get there before we headed back down, which was just fine with me!

That's us on top of the arch...and a lot of open space all around!
The hike itself up to the Arch and back is quite doable for anyone.  There is a large parking lot at a big bend in the Colorado river west of Moab.   The trail is well graded and only about a mile and a half to get to the Arch.  Now climbing on top of it...that's not for beginners, but the views from underneath and around it are wonderful.  Best of all, on a hot day there is still guarenteed to be shade under the arch, although you may have to follow it around to stay cool!
Bowtie Arch near Corona Arch

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