Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

April 3, 2013

Upper Calf Creek Falls, Escalante, Utah

Any whirlwind tour of southern Utah needs to include the Escalante area for its slot canyons and multitudes of lovely areas.  Unfortunately our RV didn't feel like driving very far down the bumpy gravel roads which bring you to the really cool places, so we compromised.   Highway 12 going East out of the small town of Escalante is a rollarcoater of wonderful views, including a drive along the edge of a ridge with views off both sides of the road.

We parked in a small lot along the ridge and packed for a lazy day hike on Calf Creek.  I say lazy because we really were...the hike is only about a mile and a half, and ends at a small waterfall surrounded by slickrock.   Can you tell I just love the word slickrock?  It just denotes sunshine and warmth, beautiful scenery and sandals.   The Upper Calf Creek trail featured lots of rock colors and layers, including round black volcanic rocks which just seemed to have rained down sometime in the past in a small area.      And of course the slickrock was red and white, with some random iron ore rocks hanging around on the surface, too.

At the falls, we turned lazy...hanging out and sunbathing, with the most intrepid of us braving the cold water for a quick jump into the pool.   And a quicker jump back out again to warm up!    Of course the hike back out to the car was uphill...but it was gradual and short enough that anyone could do it.  Worth it for some time at the waterfalls!   Another place to visit in the heat of summer for a refreshing swim.

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