Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

April 5, 2013

Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon, San Rafael Swell

After leaving the Escalante area, where there were lots of slot canyons but hard to get to in an RV, we headed for Moab.  But first we scoured our book on slot canyons to see if there was anything along the way which we could get to.   Our requirements were pretty strict.  Dryish canyon, not too far from a main road, not to long of a hike in or out, and fun.    Fun wasn't a category in the book but almost any slot canyon fits that description so we assumed that it was a yes.  

In the end, only one canyon fit our needs, the Little Wild Horse Slot Canyon near Goblin Valley State Park.  The road to the canyon had been recently paved, making it even easier for us.  It was a nice day hike, up a narrow slot which never had any water holes, got too narrow or too difficult.  In other words, everyone and their dog could get up this canyon.    And there were plenty of them (and their dogs!) on this spring break week, this definitely isn't a secluded place to hike.  

But it was plenty scenic and a lovely day hike.   To make the slot more interesting, Randy, the boys and I all decided to avoid stepping on the sandy ground at all by traversing using the canyon walls and using our own ingenuity.   The ground, which became "poison peanut butter", swallowed up plenty of unsuspecting other hikers, who passed sometimes underneath us as we straddled the narrow walls and jumped from side to side to continue our quest.   Aidan, Randy and I all eventually fell into the poison and turned back into normal hikers, but Nick ended up making it all the way to where his mom was patiently waiting for us and enjoying the sunshine!

Rob had gone up ahead with his camera, and I caught up with him in a particularly nice section of the slot which meandered from side to side like a drunken sailor.    The whole slot was really pretty, in an easy, "anyone could hike this" sort of way.   Great for families...and so many dogs....

There were other slots in the area, which I assume we will come back and see someday.  In fact a longer day hike could include Bell Canyon in a round trip instead of an out-and-back.   So much fantastic scenery, so little time.   Wait...I do have time...I live here now!

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