Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

March 31, 2013

Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

Just up the road from St. George, Utah is a hidden little gem called Snow Canyon State Park.   I am assuming that I will find lots of hidden little places to explore in Utah, given that there are twisty little canyons everywhere.  But Snow Canyon was our first stop after leaving our new home on a spring break journey with Rob's sister and her family.  By moving to Utah we have inherited more than a sunny place to live, we have gotten the chance to spend some quality time with family...time sorely lacking in the last 10 years as we have lived and traveled abroad.   The 6 of us piled loads of gear into the motorhome and hoped we had enough for a few adventures.  So the spring break journey started with a long drive in the RV down from Salt Lake City, and we were glad to get out for a walk in the warmth of the desert sun.  

Snow Canyon assuredly didn't have any snow or hint of it, but was named for the startlingly white rock filling the top end of the canyon.  The bottom layers were red sandstone, and hanging out on the surface was black lava rock.  I suppose the original settlers had to flip a coin to choose the name.   "Red canyon...no, black canyon...ok, white".   Anyway.

There were plenty of trails to choose from in the park, and we went with the Lava Trail.   Various lava tubes emerged from the ground, and intrepid hikers could squeeze down in them and explore.  Which we did, somewhat carefully since we had left our 6 different headlamps all in the vehicle, and didn't feel like running back for them.   Oops.   Mostly we were happy to feel warm sunshine, and out came the sandals, shorts and sunglasses.  Let the sunbathing begin.   We had been skiing in negative temps just the day before near the house...what a change. 

When the dark lava tubes lost our interest, we headed to the nearest sandstone dune.  I think they were actually petrified dunes...all I really know is that they are a blast to run around on.  Luckily our travels for the week brought us to a lot more of them.   Lovely.  The kids and I ran around to the tops of a few sandstone peaks.   Let the photos speak for themselves here.

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