Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

June 30, 2015

My Supporters for the Red Bull X-Alps!

Don't ask me how I ended up with 5 supporters for the Red Bull X-Alps, I'm not sure myself!   But I'm not going to turn down help, so we are all in it for the adventure.   Hopefully they'll have fun along the race trying to find me, feed me, and keep my legs turning over.  

So far it's been quite the party in the campground with all the teams arriving in Fuschl and getting to know each other.  My supporters are a very multicultural group.   Jarek and Boga are from Poland but spend half their year doing Paragliding and Trekking tours in Chile, Argentina and Patagonia.  The other half is spent in the Alps, so it's eternal summer!   They run a tour company called Antofaya Expeditions.  Cano is from Chile, this is his first time out of the country...he'd never seen rain before, or green grass and forests!  Chuck is from Colorado and wanted an adventure in the Alps...I think he's going to get one! 

The Prologue is tomorrow and the weather is looking great.  We've had a perfectly sunny week so far in camp doing race preparation, which is really nice.  Nothing like dry shoes and sunshine to be able to sit outside and chat, as well as fly the local sites around here.   Hopefully the good weather holds for the race to start!

Cano, Jarek, Boga, Chuck, myself, and Jim!
Jarek and Boga waiting to launch at the Gaisberg

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