Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

June 5, 2015

Merano to the Brenta

There may not be many landing zones in Merano but there is a lot of flying!  We found a cable car on the west side of the valley and waited in the sunshine for the haze to clear and the thermals to start.   Our flight was going to be tricky, as early on we had to cross a high pass with a narrow, treed valley to get up to it.  I had a bad start to the day, launching with a tangle in my harness. By the time I landed and relaunched, Dave, Eric and Krisha were already up and away.   I spent a while chasing them until we got to the narrow valley up to the pass.

We all gave it our best shot, but landed short, some more than others.  Dave made it the closest, relaunching quickly and flying all the way to the Paso Tonale after getting to see the Brenta turn point in the air.

I managed to rip a line after landing on a road (it was a good option in a steep valley) so we fixed it and drove the twisty mountain roads down to the Brenta turn point instead.  This is one section I definitely would rather fly in the race!  Actually I say that about every section but this time I really mean it :)

Tomorrow's weather is looking good and we are heading for Switzerland, hopefully in the air.

Luckily my X-Alps pack isn't this big!
At a church in Merano valley
Dave, Eric and Krisha wait to launch

A Castle over our campsite!

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