Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

February 14, 2015

Hike and Fly with the Ozone Alpina 2!

Matt, Dawn and Jim....Flying with the crazy socks!
My third time carrying my wing up the hill was a charm.   Jim, Matt Beechinor and I were still trying to break the FAI Triangle record here in Colombia.  But really, we were trying to force a flight plan the weather wasn't suited for.   After butting into the wind for 20 km or so, I lost everyone and decided to turn and run with the wind.   Sometimes it's just time for a new plan.

The mountains were really ratty, so I finally found my way out to the flats and headed south.   There were people in the sky here and there to show me some thermals, so I had it pretty easy.   Then the wind seemed to turn back north again!  That made it an easy choice to go back home, and save the bus ride for another day.  I got really high, so much I was cold (that doesn't happen very often in Colombia), and I landed pretty much in the front yard of the hotel.    After 5 1/2 hours and about 80 km.   That was good enough for an even bigger overall lead on the XC Hike and Fly website.  http://www.xc-hikeandfly.com.  I'm sure that will last until the skies get nice in Europe....

Here's my flight log:  http://www.xc-hikeandfly.com/flight/1196

My Alpina 2 near the village of Zarzal, Colombia
Matt Beechinor high over La Union

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