Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

February 4, 2015

GOALLLL!!!!!! Task 7, Roldanillo FAI Open Paragliding Competition

It's Groundhog Day all over again at our final task of the Roldanillo FAI Open Paragliding Competition.  We managed to have a task every day of seven days, which is an amazing streak of weather.   For the final day we had a short task so everyone could get finished, downloaded and packed up in time for the awards ceremony that evening.   Of course short still meant about 50 km, but for the leaders that only takes a little over an hour!

Today's task was basically the Roldanillo Milk Run, we started over the hills above Roldanillo and then headed north.   Turning around a few miles beyond La Union, we then had a choice of staying in the mountains, which were really rough, or heading out to the flats.  I think almost everyone went out to the flats and there was lots of lift everywhere.

I played it safe and ventured back into the hills near Zarzal to get lift...I may have gotten up over the valley but I did see people land and I really wanted to make it into goal.  With a tailwind, I was able to zip into goal in 1:48, which might be my fastest average speed for the week.  Of course everyone else was going quickly too, so it probably wasn't enough for me to podium.  But I am very happy to have made goal 5 times in 7 tasks and I never broke airspace.    A successful competition and a lot of fun!

Results are HERE  I ended up 7th in the Sport Class, and 4th Woman.  I was only a couple hundred points behind in both, so close I could taste the podium.   To podium I would have had to have 6 tasks in goal and I only had 5...next year!


#IdNameNatGliderSponsorT 1T 2T 3T 4T 5T 6T 7Total
1101Kuba StoMPOLOzone Delta 2kubasto.com8707094537727814053723990
29Andres Agredo PerezMCOLGin CarreraMURANOS & ACCESORIOS5086003177196435296133612
3342Glenn MeurrensMBELOzone Alpina 2Austrian Arena6643314194956695166753438
42741Dustin PachuraMUSACarrera475604217763256057053307
5153Jeison Zeferino Brito MBRAozone DELTA 2TermikZone / senas usinagem de precisão6444182552246675247073215
6183Alex LoyarteMESPgin carreraGin green team6744673955383264137013188
7314Dawn WestrumFUSAOzone Delta 2Eagle Paragliding, Ozone, Black Diamond, FFF6141272694846345326543187


#IdNameNatGliderSponsorT 1T 2T 3T 4T 5T 6T 7Total
1708Klaudia BulgakowFPOLENZO 2Lukoil8554674018558794864533995
2370Yvonne DatheFGEROzone M6WinMental.de, Haglofs, Pauly Consult, planet-para.de223615767978657244583643
391Patricia Garcia De LetonaFMEXNiviuk IP76304194255136335247383463
4314Dawn WestrumFUSAOzone Delta 2Eagle Paragliding, Ozone, Black Diamond, FFF6141272694846345326543187
511Camila AntonorsiFCOLGin GTO2 S 70440640272632241002970
699Isabella MessengerFGEROzone Enzo 2 (xs)tiholdings.com867616601081543777722938
7365Hinestroza AnnalenaFGERUP Trango XC2UP International; DGFW4394002641235243755882590
837Maryna GnidanFUKROzone Delta230132210210170603081090
9110Krista AuchenbachFUSAU-Turn Blacklight13437166420139301721068
1083Tetiana MershavkaFUKROzone Delta2NearBirds170140155261165821561047
11200Marion PlaggeFNEDNova Mentor218901892393830232917
1213Gil BellFGBROzone Alpina7974223216203870882
1379Blanca Esther Perdomo BravoFCOLGIN CarreraICOLTRANS282913720258063517

The start of Task 7

Heading out at the start with my game face on

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