Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

September 26, 2015

Navajo Rocks, Moab Mountain Biking

So many bike trails in Moab, so little time.   Today we were out on Navajo Rocks, on the road up to Canyonlands NP.   Navajo Rocks trail system has 6 trails with about 18 miles of trail.  It's best to do the trail as a figure 8 starting in the middle.  That way the descends are really nice.

The whole figure 8 is a lot to do in one day especially if it's hot.  This time we did the eastern side, consisting of Big Mesa, Big Lonely, and Coney Islands.   Big Mesa is a nice way to start out, with really nice scenery and the huge mesa towering over us.

Our group for the ride consisted of Jim and I, with friends Bill, Marty, Trevor and Frank too!  We were all pretty equal riders so we could stay together and weave through the single track.  There were a few tricky sections on this intermediate trail, but after a do-over or two we could all make it up and over.

Big Lonely is truly lonely, out in the middle of the flat sagebrush, although it does have a couple of the steepest climbs of the whole trail on it.   To finish off the day we bombed down Coney Islands, which (if ridden as a descent) is a really fast cool ride through some pretty interesting rock formations.


  1. Awesome blog! Just been reading your entries back to beginning of Red Bull X-Alps entry. Well done for even being accepted, and again for getting so near to the finish! Unbelievable. Really beautiful and stunning photos in the mountain bike entries more recently. I am so inspired (and envious!) ! Found your blog by accident, when I came across a kit list - yours with your list of suggestions was really useful. Hope you will be posting more blog entries soon.

    1. Anna, Thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my blog! I love looking for kit list myself so if you found this one useful then that's great. Doing a bit of work at the moment but I'm sure more blogs will be forthcoming :)