Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

September 25, 2015

Mountain Biking around Moab

Our friend Chuck was visiting from Colorado, and with beautiful weather (as usual) in Moab, we had three days in a row of mountain biking with him.  At least in the mornings, until it got too hot to go outside in the afternoon!

We are still exploring the numerous mountain biking trails in Moab, and more are built all the time.  In three days we explored Deadhorse Point State Park, Navajo Rocks, and the Slickrock Trail.

Dead Horse Point State Park is number one for fantastic views.   The mountain bike trails there are built specifically for beginners, so it's a great place to go to get warmed up for the tougher trails around Moab.  Even the Black Trails (Advanced) barely fit that designation, but the views out over the mesa into the Colorado river gorge are amazing.

Navajo Rocks is a new mountain biking trail system with about 18 miles of intermediate (Blue) trails.  I like the intermediate trails because I can ride along without wondering if there will be a huge drop off around the next bend.

Lastly we did the Slickrock trail above Moab.  It was the first trail of its kind here in the area, and is still popular due to the wonderful scenery and challenging course.  At only 10 miles long, it sounds short, but in reality is quite tough.  There are lots of steep downs and almost unclimbable hills.  The slick rock is smooth and forgiving but this trail requires lots of energy for the lung-busting sprints up the hills.

So far we have ridden 8 out of 9 days that we've been in Moab...perhaps our legs are getting a little tired....

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