Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

July 4, 2015

Prologue: Red Bull X-Alps

Finally we have started the Red Bull X-Alps!  Although the prologue is kind of just a tease...just when I get going, I have to stop again.  For the prologue we had 3 turn points, one across a lake.  The weather was pretty stable, and the only condition was that I had to finish.  No penalty in the main race for taking a long time.   

So I hiked slowly to save my legs, and hoped I could fly to the finish.  It wasn't to be.  The weather was pretty stable and I launched on a down cycle.  I had to fly around below launch for almost an hour before I could get high enough to cross the lake.   My supporters Jim, Jarek, Boga, Cano and Chuck were all on launch to see me off, and I felt bad they had to watch me struggling!

 Then once across the lake, I had to work hard to get even higher to the second checkpoint.  That wasn't to be either.  After circling in almost nothing for an hour, I finally side hill landed about halfway up and hiked up to the top.   This was a better option than maybe sinking out and having to hike up 1000 meters to the summit.  Anyway, by then I was the absolute last one on the course.  

An easy launch from the top and I glided out into the wind and landed in the valley again.  Then I had 4k to walk to the finish.  It was hot and I could only think of jumping in the lake at the finish.  Which I did, shoes and all!  

Chrigel and Jim talking on the hike up to launch
All the Red Bull we can drink?

Getting interviewed at the Prologue award ceremony
Photo credit for most of these:  Jarek Wiezcorek
My official supporter Jarek of Antofaya Expeditions

Flying over Red Bull Headquarters

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