Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

April 20, 2015

Zone 4 Sprint Intervals

In between big workouts, I'm back on the treadmill doing shorter intervals.  Very short in fact!   Today's sprint workout was a warmup followed by 15 sets of 1 minute sprints.  After each sprint I walked for 2 minutes to get my heart rate back down.  While my effort level was definitely Zone 4, it takes a while for the heart to ramp up to a really fast beat, so my data shows that I would just touch Zone 4 by the end of the sprint.    I was running at 9.4 mph, which is about my fastest mile pace.  (Told you I wasn't a fast runner).   Next time I have to hold that pace for 2 minutes...bet my heart rate will get a bit higher in the zone then!  

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