Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

April 29, 2015

SIV Training

With a few days left before we head over to Europe, the weather finally got warm enough to do an SIV with Brad Gunnuscio of SIVclinic.com.   An SIV (which is an unpronounceable French term) is basically a chance to do emergency maneuvers with my paraglider, while over water.  This makes it safer to try things because there is a softer, safer landing zone if something does go wrong.   

With a new location for towing at Utah Lake, it was a quick drive for us to get down there, plus we got the wonderful view of Mount Timpanogos in the background!   I got a couple of tows in, allowing me to practice some basic collapses and frontals, with and without speed bar.    Then I tried a full stall, which I had never done before and was a little nervous about.  But I was able to do two of them successfully, with only a little cravat to deal with.  

So I stayed dry, but a guy who got towed up just before me managed to get a little tangled up doing a full stall, and threw his reserve.  He landed fine, and once he dragged his dripping gear onto the boat, he pronounced the water as "refreshing"!  

Brad Gunnuscio explaining how to clear a cravat

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