Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

March 14, 2015

7 x 7 min Interval Workout

I'm back to treadmill intervals now that we are out of Colombia and back to the gym.  Today I did 7 intervals of 7 minutes with 3-4 minutes rest between.  I ran at 7.7 mph on the intervals, with a heart rate of about 175-184.  That's a lot of 7's.  Today, for the first time I could maintain the 7.7 mph pace for most of the intervals, without slowing down the treadmill to keep my heart rate from skyrocketing!   It felt really good, and the graph of my heart rate looks very symmetrical :)    

Total workout was 8 miles in about 1:25.   Starting soon, I'm going to incorporate Zone 4 workouts into my program, which means running at over 9 mph for short intervals! Stay tuned.  

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