Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

January 12, 2015

Ozone Paragliders: My X-Alps Sponsor!

For the X-Alps, I want to fly the best and lightest gear that I can find.   For me, that's Ozone all the way.   They have agreed to sponsor me for the big race, and I'm super excited to try out their new gear! 
I currently fly an Ozone Delta 2, and I really love this wing.  So for the Red Bull X-Alps, I'm going to fly the lightweight version of this, called the Alpina 2.    My practice wing hasn't arrived yet, but I'll be flying it soon, and of course will post pictures from down in Colombia, where we are headed next to train and compete.  

My harness arrived in the mail today, an Ozone Ozium.  This lightweight harness weighs in at only about 2.5 kg including pod!  I'm excited to fly in it, and currently  have it hanging in my garage, so I can get everything dialed in.  I must say that it was pretty comfortable straight out of the box.  
There's even a small, detachable cockpit to put my instruments on.   So far, I'm really liking the look of the Ozium, and love the fact that it has plenty of storage space.    To carry everything, I'm using the Ozone X-Alps Backpack.   It's large enough to fit everything inside, which might be good for those bushwhacking moments during the race.  Yet it has plenty of pockets to store snacks and water while I'm hiking.   My plan later this spring is to do lots of laps of the South Side at Point of the Mountain, to practice packing and unpacking my gear.   The faster I can pack it inside the pack the quicker I can get down the road again.    Ozone, thanks again for sponsoring me and I'm really excited to fly my new gear!!


  1. Hi Dawn! How was your experience with the Ozium during this years X-Alps? Comfortable enough on long flights? Warm enough high up?

  2. Eugen, I loved the Ozium! It was durable and quite warm! When I got really high my fingers would get cold but the pod itself was enough. Pretty comfortable, too. Of course I was tired and sore from walking so that's not a fair comparison but I've had 6 hour flights in it and find it really nice for a lightweight harness!

  3. Hi! Nice to hear that! I've red mixed reviews on the forums but mostly positive. I'm late to join the pack but I just ordered the Ozium a week ago(my first pod). I'm very light weight(60kg) so carrying around weight is not my thing :-) Plus it opens now the opportunity of bivoac flying.
    Btw, congrats for the x-alps! Participating is already a big achievement in my eyes!
    If you ever visit the Netherlands drop me a message and I'll arrange a tow to fly XC over the flats ;-)
    All the best!