Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

January 22, 2015

Foundation For Free Flight: X-Alps Sponsor!

I just want to say many thanks to the Foundation for Free Flight, who donated $3000 to each USA Red Bull X-Alps athlete!   Training and competing in this race is going to incur a fair amount of expenses, so this grant from the Foundation for Free Flight is very timely.

 The Foundation is focused on the conservation of the sport of hang gliding and paragliding in the United States.

The Foundation for Free Flight run completely by volunteers and is funded by tax-deductible contributions.  It has very low overhead, and has been supporting free flying since 1987.   According to http://www.ushgf.org, if you are thinking of asking for a grant:

"A project should preserve a flying site, enhance free flying opportunities in some way, advance the cause of improved safety or education of the free flying public, or foster community-building events such as competitions."

Again, many thanks to the Foundation for Free Flight!  I am honored to be the recipient of such a grant, and hope to represent the USA well in the X-Alps!

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