Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

July 12, 2014

Weissee Via Ferrata, Austria (or maybe not)

A beautiful day in Austia, just a little too windy to paraglide.  Or maybe a lot too windy!  Luckily, the hiking map of the area showed a via ferrata just up the road and cable car from the hotel, above the Weissee.   The cable car started swinging from the wind about halfway up, and we realized it was really windy.  We also realized the via ferrata was closed, clearly stated on the information board for some unknown German reason. (I couldn't read understand anything but the CLOSED part).  It probably would have been really windy and cold up there anyway, sunny or not!

So instead we took some hasty views of the cold lake and the glaciers above it, and started walking down the valley where it would get less windy and warmer.  We hoped.

On the way we got to walk over a cool curvy dam, and found some nice waterfalls.  And it did get quite warm at the bottom of the valley, after we had hiked a long ways down.

I hope the via ferrata closure is temporary as it looks like a fun one going just above the green water (still a few icebergs hanging out in it also!

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