Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

May 19, 2013

Spring Skiing in Snowbird, Utah

Skiing was a big reason for moving back to Utah.  After all, the license plates here say that Utah has "The Greatest Snow on Earth".

I've made it up to the slopes at Snowbird a couple of times so far.  Fresh powder and sunshine is a hard combo to beat.

So it's getting pretty late in the season, I guess.   By May, most of the locals have moved on to summer sports and the slopes are almost empty.  But we had a couple of late snowfalls and my nephew convinced me to go skiing with him one more time.

So we had a blast.  It was warm out, amazingly so, and by the afternoon we had stripped down to our t-shirts and were blasting down the ski slopes with bare arms and heads.   The snow was actually great,  it wasn't so warm that it turned to mush, just a nice soft top coating.   We made the most of it, enjoying the great views and the perfect weather.  But now, perhaps it's time to move on to summer and warmth!

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