Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

May 26, 2013

Bell Canyon Reservoir, Sandy, UT

In the shadow of Lone Peak and looking over the congested salt lake valley is a hidden little gem called Bell Canyon.    I absolute love how close it is to my new digs...even a relatively short run from the house could get me up and around the reservoir and home again.   
My first trip up their was with my nephew and his friend.  We encircled the Lower Reservoir and then started exploring the paths along the creek.  Aidan took the lead and we did a little bushwacking to find some nice waterfalls and a great spot in the boulders for a snack.  

The trail continues farther up the valley, where there is evidently another reservoir.  Appropriately named Upper Bell Canyon Reservoir, it's near Lone Peak itself, so there is some substantial elevation gain somewhere.  When the snow melts a little more I will be back up here trying to find my way to the top!  

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