Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

February 5, 2013

Pico de La Nieve & Taburiente Crater Rim, La Palma

Another day and another chance to evade the clouds in the ring around La Palma!  This day we were looking for clouds and trying to capture some good photos of the fog by staying high.  We took the long, winding, switchback road up to the very rim of the crater at 8000 feet.   At such a height, the wind always seems to have a bite to it, even when it's warm enough to sunbathe down on the beach. 

At the road overlook, the clouds were dancing with the wind, the fog, and the rainbows, and it was suprisingly warm.  We stopped to capture a few time lapse sequences (hundreds of photos taken over 15-60 minutes with a camera on a tripod, then made into a fast-motion movie).  I'll be posting a collection of our time lapse creations from the Canary Islands soon. 

To get some hiking in, we drove to a lower part of the rim road to start a short hike up to Pico de la Nieve.   It was rather blustery in the open, but the side trail joined the GR131 rim trail on the southern side of the peak.  I wasn't feeling too energetic, so I paused on some warm rocks for another time lapse secquence while Rob headed up to the true peak.  He was soon back down complaining of the winds.   We stayed for a while in the sheltered spot enjoying the views of the crater rim, and contemplating walking more of the rim trail.  In the end, we didn't, and had a slow enjoyable walk through more pines (yay!) back to the car. 

Distance: 4 miles, 2 hrs, and 1000 feet of elevation gain (and loss).

Walk #30 from the Walk! La Palma Walking Guide

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