Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

February 2, 2013

Cubo de Galga Hike, La Palma

After a week on Tenerife, we took a short 20 min flight over to La Palma (where the stewardesses still managed to hand out cookies and drinks!), for another week of soaking in the sunshine.   Although sunshine on La Palma is a somewhat more varied commodity.

This was our second journey to La Palma and there were many trails left to explore here as well.   First up was the Cubo de Galga, a pleasant little hike up into a canyon and back down through local fields and orchards.   Geographically, Galga is near the wonderful tunnels and waterfalls of Los Tilos, but this trail has no adrenaline pumping moments, just nice views of the valley and the farmed terraces.  

The sun came out as we descended throug the fields near the end, warming us up and making the whole place look a little nicer (we were quickly used to constant sun in Tenerife, so the clouds and coolness were shocking).  There were all sorts of flowers blooming in yards, fields, and orchards, and we spent another pleasant hour smelling the roses and feeling up the avocado trees. 

Distance: 4 miles, 2 hrs, and 1300 feet of elevation gain (and loss).

Walk #26 from the Walk! La Palma Walking Guide


Avocado tree....yum!

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