Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

August 7, 2012

Vrsic Pass and Sleme Summit, Slovenia

Summer vacation this year was a combined journey to the Julian Alps of Slovenia and the Dolomites of Italy, bookended by a sunshiny beach to start, and a day in Venice to finish.  A few days in either country did neither of them justice, but the scenery was brilliant whichever way we turned.  Joining Rob and I this time was our friend Sarah, escaping the dreary UK weather for the first time in 3 years and shocked at the searing heat of the coast.

A counterclockwise circle from Venice brought us first to Slovenia.  A morning of white water rafting on the Soca River between Bovec and Kobarid was a nice, refreshing start.  (Yes, I am returning to the scene of much paragliding goodness, but sadly this time left the wing at home).   The afternoon found us parked on top of Vrsic Pass attempting our first hike.  It took some time to sort out our packs with gear, and then we were headed up.  And what an introduction it was!   The hike had a little of everything; granite peaks, views over the valleys, stunted high altitude forests, flowering meadows, scree fields, gentle grassy slopes, and towering rock faces. 

The route led us to the relatively modest summit of Sleme.  However, our little bump of a peak was in the middle of other gorgeous crags, with 360 degrees of wonderful views.  Plus the rounded hill offered space for hundreds of people to comfortably picnic in the vast meadow...yet on a late Saturday afternoon we were alone.  I'm afraid photos won't do justice to any of it.

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