Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

August 8, 2012

Lake Bled & Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

It's hard to resist the charms of Lake Bled.   Constant year round warm(ish) blue waters fed by hot springs, island church, towering castle, and a lot of cuteness, the words "fairy tale" spring to mind and refuse to be repressed.  We stopped for a couple of nights at the crowded campground on the west end of the lake, getting packed up for a bigger trek up into the heart of the Julian Alps. 

But the sights around Bled are really nice too.  In the morning, while Rob walked around the lake, Sarah and I took the more strenuous route up to a few smallish hills looking over our campground.  They also happened to have great views of the lake, castle, and church.  The route was nicely shaded by trees but it was still hot.  A dip in the lake and icecream was necessary soon afterward, followed up with some sunbathing and more swimming. 

The crush of Sunday traffic tailed off by afternoon, so we drove to nearby Vintgar Gorge, which donated a little happiness to us all in the form of negative ions in cascading waterfalls.   The narrow gorge has been tamed with a boardwalk, allowing us the opportunity to walk over deep pools of turquoise green water and rushing falls. 

Rob was eager to jump in the water, as he thought the color looked appealing although it was very cold.  Finally, at the end of the gorge, there was a huge waterfall with a pool below it.  A few other intrepid souls were poking their toes in and shivering, but Rob took the whole body plunge and soon resembled a shivering tomato.  With a big grin.

Once dry again, the quickest route back to the car was back through the gorge, which was no hardship on our part.  The big tour groups were mostly gone (so was the sunshine) but the walk was just as peaceful!

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