Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

July 24, 2016


Well, it's the last full week in July, which means it's time for RAGBRAI!   And this year, we get to ride it, which we are very excited about.  Yup we are going to join 10,000 or more people crazy enough to ride a bike across whole state of Iowa over 7 days, battling heat, wind, rain, bugs, and maybe even a tornado.  

This is Jim's first time on RAGBRAI, so he is in for a treat.   My goal is to see "loincloth" man again, but I'm sure we'll run into some very interesting characters and costumes over the next week.   I'll do my best to keep you posted with blog and photos every day, as long as I can get enough cell service to do so.  

If you aren't sure what RAGBRAI even is, it's a bike ride across Iowa with 10,000 of your closest friends.  You sleep in tents, shower in Army trucks, eat delectable homemade pie, and try to keep pedaling to the next town.   Here's a bit more about this iconic event which has been held every year since 1973.    http://ragbrai.com/about/ragbrai-history/   The route changes every year, but it's never boring.  The small towns of Iowa go all out to provide entertainment, beverages, and food, and if that's not enough, try watching the never ending stream of riders passing by all day long!  

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