Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

May 12, 2014

Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Utah is an amazing place to live.   I wake up in the morning and see snow on the mountains and blooms on the apple trees in the valley.   But the Salt Lake valley where most of the population now lives, used to be under the water of a big lake, much bigger than the Great Salt Lake remnants which remain today.   Lake Bonneville was truly huge, and the old shoreline can be seen edging along the Wasatch front range and along hillsides all around the valley.    Some sections of this ancient shoreline have now been made into a hiking/biking/horseback riding trail.  

We're still exploring the area and sussing out the local hiking trails, so Jim and I decided to check out a section of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail south of the town of Alpine.  According to the map, the trail clearly runs along the edge of the mountains under the shadow of Mount Timpanogos.   Near where we live, this trail is well signed and easy to find.   Not so much in this area.  We had to do a little route finding by pulling out the topo map and coordinating with the GPS in my phone.   There are multiple trails running along at times so I can't be sure we were actually on the trail the whole way, but we had a nice hike on a beautiful day.  Parts of the trail run through scrub oak, grasslands, and of course behind a few new housing developments.   It even is possible to connect to trails over the Point of the Mountain to the paths behind our house, which gives me ideas for future long hikes….   But be warned, there are no trails signs (yet), so you may have to bring a map or make a few guesses if you decide to follow the BST!

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