Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

July 11, 2013

Red Bull X-Alps 2013

The most amazing competition in the paragliding world is happening right now.  31 athletes are racing 1000 kilometers across the Alps from Austria to Monaco.    If they can't fly, they hike.    When they get too tired to hike, they keep hiking...or hope to get a break and launch again!   Everyone hopes to be the first one to land off the coast of Monaco, in 16 days or less.

The race only takes place every two years, and this is the sixth edition.  It seems to just keep getting longer, and harder. although there are mandatory rest periods at night so at least the tired athletes get to sleep!

Follow the competition here.  Every athlete carries a live tracking device so you can see them flying in real time.   Watch out, you may get addicted!   http://www.redbullxalps.com/live-tracking.html

And for the record, someday I want to participate in the X-Alps.  I love the idea of such a challenge.  Is this a pipe dream?  Maybe...but look for my entry in a couple of years....  :)

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  1. Your dream arrived in a couple of years, like you said here.
    Congratulations from Spain and very good luck in the race!!!!
    Go faster and safe!