Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

June 6, 2013

Wyoming Skyscapes

It's been a wetter, windier year than normal here in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.  Luckily the rain showers have been timed to avoid our outside scenarios during class hours, and generally it's been sunny and warm.  I have gotten some really amazing time lapse photos of the clouds, which I will be posting as a video once I have some free time to put it together.  
For now, here's a few shots of the cool scenery.   Plus a rather grainy shot of a scorpion, which I couldn't resist staring at after a classmate turned over a rock and discovered it!

Red Canyon from the top end (we live at the bottom)

Oh, and I saw a scorpion when a classmate turned over a rock.  
The blue cabin...home sweet home!

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