Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

June 1, 2012

Spring Flowers

Nothing extreme in this post (unless you count the quality of these photos).   While I am waiting impatiently for the start of my Adventure Race tomorrow (and you are waiting for the race report afterwards), I have been enjoying the time during my taper to smell the roses.  We've just had a week of sensational sunshine here in the UK, with temps above 20C (about  70F).    It's a heat wave!  Actually it's been really nice, not too hot, unless you were born and raised here and then it probably felt like the Mojave desert. 

So we've been taking slow walks in the countryside, and Rob's skill with the camera just begs to be added to the blog.  The quality and quantity of growing plants here is just amazing.  The ditches are constantly blooming with layers and layers of wildflowers, and temperate rainforest we live in is always fascinating.  I think it's at its peak right now in the late springtime sunshine. 

With my newly arrived helper, the Collins Complete Guide to British Wildflowers, perhaps I will even try to identify these flowers as I'm recovering from my race next week.  That may be asking a lot, but...

So here you go, courtesy of Rob!


  1. Wow! Excellent shots! Thanks for posting.

    1. It's the small things that make living on this island really cool!