Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

May 18, 2012

Paragliding, Point of the Mountain, Utah

While home in the States visiting family, I had a chance to get out for a few days of paragliding.   Yes of course I planned it that way! 

Point of the Mountain, Utah, has to be one of my favorite places to fly.   South Side is a ridge soaring site good in the early mornings.  It is perfect for beginners and for working on skills like side hill landings, kiting, and high wind wing control.   North side is an evening soaring dream, where the highest point of the mountain is easily reached by many, and can accomodate about as many paragliding and hang gliders as can park in the parking lot (or more).

My brother-in-law Keith and friend Randy have also gotten the paragliding bug (it's catching) and kept me company out on the hill.  Randy was just starting to learn, so provided us some moments of levity with his attempted launches!  He also reminded us just how fun the sport can be for spectators :)   Just kidding Randy...you're learning much faster than the rest of us did, and it was fun to witness your first moment of free flight and the resulting huge smile on your face!

Keith put together this cool video of our flights last week, check it out! 

Randy walks back up the hill to launch

Kiting on South Side

Ready for takeoff

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