Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

January 3, 2012

2012 Race Schedule

My race schedule for 2012 is coming together nicely. It greatly revolves around two tough Adventure Races in June and August, the Adidas TERREX Swift and Sting.  Most of my training and races will be used as part of the buildup for these.  So of course the races listed below could be on the chopping block if my team needs to get together for some quality time preparing for the big ones. 

1 Jan - The New Hangover Challenge, 20 Miles, LDWA 
3 Feb - Dark/White MTB Night O - Cancelled due to ice
5 Feb - Open 5 Adventure Race, North Pennines
26 Feb - Dark/White MTB Orienteering
9 Mar -  Dark/White Night MTB Orienteering
10 Mar - Wuthering Hike, 32 Miles, Runfurther Series
17 Mar - Falcon Flyer, 20 Miles, LDWA
18 Mar - Blubberhouses 25 Marshall's walk, 25 Miles, LDWA (actual event is 1 April)
1 Apr - Brew to Brew, 44 Miles, Kansas City to Lawrence, KS
28 April - The Boonecrusher Adventure Race, IA (if I find a teammate in time!)
12 May - Brecon 40, 40 Miles, Runfurther Series (maybe)
2-4 Jun - 2-day Swift Adventure Race
9-10 Jun - Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon (Ok, I'd have to be crazy to do this after the Swift, so...not)
23-24 Jun - Three Rings of Shap, LDWA (But one or two rings would probably be enough...)
30 Jun - Open Cycling's Coast to Coast in a Day
7-8 Jul - Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon
4 Aug - Hanging Stone Leap, 24 Miles, LDWA
18-25 August - Adidas TERREX Expedition Race Sting in Sterling
15 Sep - High Peak 40, 40 Miles, Runfurther Series (Or not.  Gonna be in pain from 4 days of nonstop AR)
*29 Sep - Hardmoors 60, 60 Miles, Runfurther Series
*6-7 Oct - Rab Mountain Marathon or Open 5
*13 Oct - Four Lakeland Passes, 18 Miles, LDWA
*20 Oct - Round Rotherham, 50 Miles, Runfurther Series
*27 Oct - Snowdonia Marathon
*5 Nov - Open 5
2 Dec - Open 5

      *I realize that there are 6 weekends in a row of possible events.  I'm not going to do them all, I'm not that crazy...I don't think.

Hmmm, this schedule looks a bit top-heavy with running events, not any biking or kayaking races planned except as part of an adventure race.  May need to remedy that...

Hope to see you there there somewhere, and happy training and racing in 2012!


  1. Calderdale Hike April 14 would fill a gap and is on the Runfurther list


  2. Good itinerary Mrs!, just to echo Derby Tup, the Calderdale Hike is well worth a look. Good round that and you get another go at Stoodley Pike and Top Withins! ... See you at the Falcon in March.

  3. Looks a good schedule - see you on some of them (Hobble, 3 Rings of Shap at least). I've just entered a bike event in Sherwood Forest on Jan 22nd, which could go in the early gap.

  4. Derby Tup, I do like Calderdale, it was one of the very first events I did after moving here in 2010. Unfortunately this year I will be in the States for some training, and can't find any events in the midwest over that time....bummer. There's always next year!

    Mike, the last time I cycled by Stoodley Pike it was so foggy I never saw it. I do like the area tho. See you in March!

    Madeleine, I will definitely be searching for some bike events, thanks for the info. Good luck in Sherwood Forest!