Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

November 4, 2011

Coast to Coast AR Television Broadcast dates

You may have noticed a film crew out during your last running race or triathlon.  Dream Team Television covers many popular fell running, triathlon and adventure racing events in the UK.  I certainly ran into a few cameramen (not literally!) during the 4 days of the Adidas TERREX Coast to Coast Adventure Race.   Even got to wave to the helicopter as the race leaders passed me going over a heather-covered moor. 
Dream Team broadcasts air on UK Channel 4 throughout the year.   Here's the link, notice that times and dates may change http://www.dreamteamtelevision.co.uk/broadcast-dates/
I may be featured in one of their next productions, as I finished third woman in the Coast to Coast Adventure Race back in August! 
adidas TERREX Coast to Coast
Part 1 – Sunday November 13th 6.55–7.20 on Channel 4
Part 2 - Sunday November 20th 0730 am (or could be at 0655)

(If you don't have UK TV then hopefully there will be an online version available later)

I can't wait to see it, as this was the coolest race I've ever done, loved every minute!  


  1. Wow! Adventure racer, mm winner, ultra runner and now tv star. What next?

  2. Dawn, I've just watched both episodes on 4OverDose. All I can say is, the TV company is elitist and only interested in the winners. I'm well miffed that you didn't appear. How superficial are they? All I saw was your name a few times bottom left, in all its low resolution, pixellated blurredness.
    You were solo through all of that? With that swimming? Are you serious? :-0

  3. Nick, actually I did sneak in there 2 or 3 short times, although it helped that I knew what I was wearing! I thought the coverage of the countryside was great, especially the shots from the helicopters as I hadn't seen that view before. I think all television shows like this are going to focus on the winners, to a large extend...and I WAS 5 hours behind by the end!

    It was quite a race, and I'm inspired to aim higher when I do it again in two years. Let's see, if I get a faster kayak, speed through transitions, and swim without a wetsuit (brrr), then I might have a fighting chance... :)