Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

April 23, 2011

Flamborough Cliff walk

I've been in the UK for a year, spring has arrived, and I need to get out more.   That's my spring resolution for the, uh,... spring.  So we took a drive to the east coast on a friends recommendation, and did an 11 mile hike around Flamborough Head to see the cliffs and the nesting birds. 

It was a wonderful spring day out, sunny, almost warm, and almost not windy.   Ah, well, you can't have everything here on the island, can ya? 

We started our hike, for lack of knowing any better, in Sewerby, walking east out to the lighthouse and then around to the bird colonies.  Although I didn't have a map of the area, I had looked at one beforehand, and figured that following a trail along the edge of a cliff couldn't be too hard.  I was right.  When we got to the lighthouse, a bit windswept from the headwinds, it was a perfect choice to drop down to the cove below and explore the cliffs while the tide was out.  Goodness, it was pretty warm down there in the sunshine, too.  I got down to wearing just one sweater instead of a jacket.  Never mind that the people around me were wearing shorts and watershoes...I'm not that crazy. 

Just jumping back across a deep puddle before the tide came in, we started around the north side of the head and finally found the thousands of nesting birds by following the smell.   Rob was estactic with his camera, and kept running off to the cliff edge to take more pictures.  We forgot the binoculars, though, and hence couldn't spot any Puffins amid the melee of other birds clinging to the cliffs. 
Back across the peninsula with the wind finally at our back, we enjoyed the sunshine in our face, and the trail wound through the woods to Dyke's End.    Back on the cliffs, the tide was fully in again, and all but lapping at them instead of being hundreds of feet out into the bay.

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  1. Wish we were there! Mom and Dad