Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

April 23, 2010

16th Pendle Witch Way 12 mi. 24 Apr 2010

Having scared my husband, Rob, with tales of sucking bogs and muddy trails (he hates getting his shoes dirty), I still convinced him that he had to see the moors for himself.  However, the dry weather had continued, and our short route around Pendle left us with dry feet, and a faint feeling of disappointment that I couldn’t soak Rob in a bog.  But we had a nice leisurely walk around, and even tried ourselves at navigating, without a route description and with another copied map. 

It went well until a few miles from the end, when I followed a couple that turned out later to not be on the walk, and then for a while the trails seemed to almost match the map but not quite.   I’m sure we walked 3 or 4 miles farther than necessary, which on a nice day and a short route wasn’t a disaster.  But I determined to get better printed color maps from now on, or at least to use the real one I was required to carry.

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