Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

February 20, 2008

Tinum...Can You Imagine

As some of you know by now, we have arrived safely home from our adventure in Tinum, and landed in...Iowa...another adventure. But for our last couple of weeks in the jungle, we were counting the days we had left rather than the 4 1/2 months we had already been there, and reflecting on the crazy and weird things that we had seen and done, that seemed almost normal because we had been there so long. Here are a few of them...

Can you imagine that...

...we haven't heard a phone ring this entire time.

...we can count the number of times we have ridden in a car...on one hand.

...no one in Tinum has ever seen a dishwasher or a clothes dryer.

...very few people in town have a bathroom.

...the lady down the street has never heard of or eaten at a McDonalds.

...every day it is 99 degrees F and perfectly sunny (until the rainy season, of course).

...during the rainy season, every day is hot and sunny and humid, with thunderstorms every afternoon.

...all cement is mixed by hand with just a shovel.

...no one that lives in Tinum has ever seen a mountain, a lake, a river...or snow.

...for over four months, we haven't watched television.

...everyone in town (including us) washes all their clothes by hand.

...every time we want a hot shower, we have to build a fire to heat the water.

...all the corn used for making tortillas is planted, harvested, and carried home...by hand, using no machines.

...everyone does all their cooking over an open fire.

...the village just down the road from Tinum still has to haul all their water out of a well using only a hand-drawn bucket.

...all of our groceries get home in bicycle bags via the thirty-mile round trip to the town of Valladolid (nope, no ice cream for us)

...it was so hot inside our house that the candles melted...which is the only picture that seems appropriate to include in this, my last Tinum story.

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