Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

July 10, 2005


It’s our theory, then, that the safest place in the world to be, is in a city that has just had a terror attack.   Or at least that was the conclusion we came to, when we realized that our connecting flight to Sicily (through London) would take us there just a week after the Underground bombings.   So we spent 24 (safe) hours in London, and the only aftermath we could see were a couple of closed Tube stops, and a lot of signs telling everyone to NEVER leave their luggage unattended.   The fact that they found more bombs just 3 days after we were there, ….well, so much for theories. London was a blast (no pun).  I loved taking the Tube. It resembled nothing less than a maze of deep rat tunnels, with hallways and stairs and train tracks going in all directions, and then only the signs blindly leading us in and out of that cramped and claustrophobic world.  It was a gorgeous very sunny and warm summer day (no fog), and we enjoyed crystal clear views of Big Ben and the Parliament Building, the Tower Bridge over the Thames, and Shakespeare’s old Globe Theater. We went to Mass that stellar Sunday morning in St. Paul’s Cathedral that featured a brass ensemble to accompany the choir. Later that afternoon, we experienced (I slept) an amazing (says Rob) free organ concert in Westminster Abbey, that left him tingling with goose bumps.

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