Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

Dawn - Sometimes An Ultrarunner

March 23, 2002

Maya Lu'um


Pat - "The families went out of their way to explain customs and foods even though "mia español" is very very limited. I enjoyed my stay very much, and the family closeness and hospitality were things to make one sit back and review ones own culture."

Angela - "Everyone seems to have the simplicity of life figured out."

Mary - "Our stay here was so short, yet the impact immense and the memories sure to inspire me forever. It is so wonderful what you and the people have together here."

Laura - "Going back to the US will never be the same after the experiences here."

Darci - "I just cannot express in words right now what kind of experience this was. It is going to take me weeks or months to absorb all the things the people taught me."

Gabriele - "Thank you for these important days; we had the chance to know these friendly people, and how they live and understand something more about Mayan culture. Nevertheless, we made a big step more in the process of understanding this crazy world around us."

Rachel - "Roberto, ... WOW! Um, what can I say? Basically I agree with everything written in this book. Thanks to you and all the people of Tinum - this has truly been a mind-blowing, life-changing, damn groovy experience."

Sarah - "It has been such a pleasure, a privilege, a humbling experience to learn about life in this village. What a memorable experience!"

Inge - "Dear Roberto, ... Two days ago we met in the airplane. Two girls full with ideas for a wonderful trip to Mexico. And then you came with the suggestion of visiting Tinum. "OK, " we thought, "give this guy a chance." After being here for two days we can certainly tell ya that you were right about the added value of a visit to Tinum. It just has been a great experience. The hospitality of the people in Tinum and Loopxul is wonderful; what a difference with the Western World. We love the food, the kids, the fruits, but especially the way of living. Never seen a village with such a smiling, happy population as that of Tinum. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to experince it all and for taking care of us."

Unna - "All the folks who have been writing in this book are full of all the experiences and most of all of the hospitality of all the people of Tinum. Well, I think that when it comes to that point your certainly one of them. Thanks a hundred times for opening your doors for us and running around like crazy to show us as much as possible in the past five days. It was really amazing!"

Patrick (Dos) - "It´s incredible to live in a community like this, with it´s own habits. It makes you see in a different perspective and think about your own as well."

Annelies - "Roberto, ... Overwhelmed by your ideas and enthusiasm since I only wanted two stamps. "Who is this guy?", anyway. Maybe that village is worth a try. After many thoughts, the final one was "go for it!", this might really be unique. Must be, for "that guy" is getting crazy only telling about it! Everything in the village, and everyone, seems to have a place, like it´s suppose to be. Everything feels right, and all are content. There are many ultimates, and for me this was sure one of them."

James - "Many thanx Roberto for this opportunity to meet hundreds of interesting folks ... in your bedroom no less. Here´s a wee poem I cribbed from somewhere: I went into a cenote, Inside it was silence, There the wind knows it is water and water knows it is rock. There, I am only a presence, composed of wish."

Richard - "So we arrived in Valladolid hoping to catch a bus right to Holbox to meet with the dolphins, however the universe was suggesting something else for the bank machine wasn´t working and the internet place was closed - which sent us walking where we arrived at another internet place and bank that Roberto was using at that moment, we got to talking - he showed us the flyer, and we said, "Take us home!" This is the one riot of our month in Mexico - my first time here - that was missing. To meet the people - the modern Maya first hand is a privilege and an honor. It is a pure joy to see them living so similarily to how they have always been. Much thanks to Tinum and the universe."

Darryl (Dale) - "On first meeting Rob, I thought - I my god, another crazy American. I was right. Although it is totally a stereotype I have sometimes found Americans (nice as they are) can be loud and even arrogant at times. Rob has changed my mind. If you´re reading this and you´ve only just arrived - you´re in safe hands. As we / I / no one says in England ... ´top geezer that bloke´"

Robin - I arrived in Mexico in the middle of the night, knowing only that I needed to find the village of Tinum and someone by the name of Roberto. After a long night convincing myself, "Yes, you´re in Mexico, " I found myself in Tinum at 6:30 in the morning. As I was reassured, I simply had to say "Roberto" and I was led to the doorstep here. I cannot express how wonderful it is to know a place like this exists, or how thankful I am for Roberto - ´the magical addaptor´- allowing me and my western friends to plug into the Maya life."

Saskia - "Being told in advance a lot about Tinum, it´s people, and what it has done to people from outside, I thought I kind of knew what to find. The opposite was true, this experience was nothing I´d expected. Beauty, sincerity, and contentness showed themselves to me in so many different forms. Sometimes I even felt that feeling of being part of the flow, provoked by that magical touch of the people of Tinum. Seeing them being happy at where they were in life, living every moment, treasuring nature, family, and the upperworld is something I wish many people can experience from the outside world. I´m sure I will always remember this stay in Tinum as one of those eye-opener periods in life, one which gives you energy and hope to go further on the exciting trip called life."

Dianna - "Thank you Roberto for sharing Tinum and showing me a world before I could only imagine in books and television like National Geographic. This place is mysterious and pulls you in with the biggest and happiest smiles I´ve ever seen. It is full of surprises like taking corn to be made into tortillas and innocent children running to you as if they´ve known you forever. I take with me the challenge of finding contentness in everything around me with the same simplicity and loviness of the people of Tinum. I feel I have been given a special gift that lasts a lifetime."

Cathy - "Robert, Your hospitality is wonderful along with your passion for the village. The culture that surrounds the village is ancient and unexplored. Yet, you explore the people and their daily habits. Fortunately enough, you invite the unknowledgable to your house with open arms. Last night, I experienced and saw things I could only imagine in my dreams."

Paula - "Robert, ... They told me Tinum was magic, and I thought, "Sure, probably it´s magic for big city folk who have never seen a Maya village, but I´ve been in Yucatan lots of times, and I think I know what to expect." But, surprise, this village charmed me and embraced me on every level, and yes, it´s magic! I brought here an intellectual curiosity and a desire to learn more about the Mayas. Those winning smiles of the dozens of kids who surrounded me that first day touched me right to the core. The most important lessons to be learned here have nothing to do with the intellect, and have everything to do with the heart. Here, we find a whole village of people who live day to day with an inner peace seldom achieved - if ever - in other cultures I have known. Thank you - mil gracias - for all your help and support. With your enthusiasm, your energy, your knowledge of this culture and your willingness to share it, you make the world a better place. I carry away with me many lessons of what the world can be when people live in the moment, share all that they have, and take time for friends and family, and savor the good pure air and the million stars in the sky."

Dave - " As we sit in the throes of the end of another day, we can reflect on the wondrous time spent with you and your enthusiasm for your very fortunate life and equally amazing and fortunate Mayan friends."

Lynn - "Who could have realized the scope of today´s magic with a day enveloped with wonder, enthusiasm, hospitality, and so much more. Robert, you truly are part of this Mayan community for sharing part of yourself and these peaceful families. Nothing short of paradise. This is so wild, it´s spiritual and beyond."

Genevieve - "One of our worst errors as members of the ´developed world´, is to think we know everything ... how wrong we are."

Una - "From the moment we showed up on your doorstep at 6:30 on a Sunday evening - completely unannounced - your hospitality, warmth, openess, and not to mention a touch of eccentricity(!) has overwhelmed me. I feel so grateful to you and the people of Tinum for this experience. And the pig-stabbing experience was something new for me too!"

Juanita (translation from Spanish) - "I want to tell you that it gives me much pleasure that there are people like you, that love the Maya culture and respect my culture. It´s logical then, that the community of Tinum loves and respects you too. If you give love and are caring, you also receive love and caring. The people of the Yucatan are kind and always are sincere in what they feel. Don´t change, continue being yourself."

Stine - "It´s been a rollercoaster ride - never knowing what to expect as you turned the next corner - for sure a smile and definately more - a lot of emotional experiences and thoughts have crossed my mind. I especially seemed to disappear in your stories. Keep up the pillow drumming."

Sara - "As we are now about to leave this paradise, I just wanted to say to you - that I tried to count the smiles I was given here - and you were right ... it simply was IMPOSSIBLE! All the warmth and happiness this little town gives you is AMAZING and I will never forget these incredible five days."

Chloe - "Dear Roberto, ... With you, we felt like childrens with the thirst of learning or, even better, in the best part of a good book; except that the whole story was not fictive ... it´s the reality of Tinum´s people. I will not forget this kindness and those smiles. After three months traveling around and seeing so many crazy things, the only desappointment was to realize that the North American influence is extended everywhere in Mexico, even in the Mayan World. But you gave us a chance to see this phenomenon in the best angle. I´m still sure that it´s possible to find the answer, "What makes people here so happy?"

Andrew - "The night playing with the kids was something out of a dream. It was like going back to childhood, ... laughing, running, not having a care about anything. Simply amazing!"

Dave - "An all-to-brief and entirely magical visit; woven strands of love and wonder, life an ornate and colorful hammock; open faces that blossom into smiles; laughter and laughter and laughter! Sweet, lovely children spring up around us like a field of wildflowers. Every breath was inbued with a new and more meaningful appreciation for life. There was a sense that the very Earth herself had reached, gently, to caress us. To hold us near."

Maya Lu úm, ....... means, ....... "Maya Land"

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